Welcoming message

First of all, thank you for chosing GainSpain to learn Spanish, I hope you will find my method useful in your contacts with this language.

I must admit that it is quite difficult to teach a language online, but I think that with the video-lessons and the printable exercises I will propose you will feel at ease quickly when attempting to communicate in spanish.

What’s more, I have created also this blog instead of confiding only in the Youtube account because I think I will find it easier to manage all your comments, doubts, suggestions, etc, if neccesary. If in the end it does not work, don’t worry, I will search another way to do so.

After having done a bit of research I found that one of my main differences will be that I won’t offer just the basic sentences translated,I will teach also some grammar, so you understand the mechanic of the language; exercises with corrections for many lessons; tips both on the mere linguistic aspects and related to historical, social, ways of living, etc as I think they are very important and interesting for you to know. And if I come up with anything more which could be good, I will use it as well.

I am aware that this is an ambitious project, but I will try with all my heart poured on it. Although I must say: Please be patient, I do not do this for a living (wish I did), it is just something I like to do, so if I do not answer within days, please, be patient, I also have to work and study. I know you all understand, and for that, thank you very much.  🙂

I have a Creative Commons license (CC by) in relation of the autorship of the work, you can consultate the basis here. Note that all the lessons proposed are self-made.

Having all this said, I really hope you find my learning method enjoyable and easy, and that you will travel with me in this journey. First stop, Lesson 1.

And again… GainSpain.



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